Here is a brief example of the daily routine of activities that we do with the children in order to achieve their integral development in various areas, taking into consideration an early stimulation curriculum, or preschool and kindergarten education:

  • Welcome all children and parents.
  • As they arrive, children eat breakfast and they are free to play until 9:15am.
  • Every day, we start our days with greeting songs, we check the weather and update our kid-friendly calendar and we enjoy some story telling time.
  • Throughout the morning we do some physical activities to develop their gross motor skills like running, jumping, rolling, and climbing, and fine motor skills like trim cutting, threading, and pre-writing.
  • Throughout the day, activities are performed with infants to help develop their language, enriching their vocabulary, vocalization and pronunciation. Basic concepts such as positions, colors, shapes, numbers and alphabet are taught to toddlers.
  • Musical activities to help develop their body language.
    Arts and crafts to enable the children express their feelings and desires
  • Lunch is served at 11:00 am to infants and then to toddlers.
  • The children nap from 12:30 to 2:30pm.

The activities that are not done during the day, are completed in the afternoon.